House Cleaning Services Near Me €18 PH Tradesmen €5 Leads

Home Cleaning Services

Looking for a reliable House Cleaning Company at a reasonable price? We can help

With a good house cleaner you know they will show up when you need them and do the job right. Taking the headache out of finding a new cleaner each time.

How Much Does A House Cleaner Cost?

Roughly, €10 per hour is too cheap and you wont attract the best home cleaners. The average price of a reliable House Cleaner is €20 per hour. This is a reasonable price to pay. If you get 4 hours, you should get a discount, so you might pay €70. At €30 per hour you are being over charged which does not mean you are going to get a better service.

These figures are all approximate! This we feel is the best price for the best home cleaning service. You might get cheaper house cleaners. But you might also find that they don’t do a great job. Or they might not come back. So you end up paying more for your house cleaning services. It is better to pay a reasonable price for a great service so that both you the customer and the home cleaner are happy.

Get free quotes from local home cleaning companies

Naturally you want a good price but also check out the house cleaning company reviews. Don’t pay 100% upfront. Pay in full upon completion of a house clean or better yet, pay a 50% deposit and 50% upon completion. That way you and the local house cleaning company are happy. If you only offer payment upon completion, house cleaning companies might just ignore you.

One-off Deep Cleaning Service Prices

Looking for an end of tenancy deep clean? We requested a quote from 3 home cleaning companies offering a deep clean service for an end of tenancy clean €320 here.

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