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How Does Quotege Work?

And why you should use Quotege…

Free to use, we’ll find you single best tradesman, we feel is the best match for your job & at the best price.

We may not suggest the cheapest tradesman, but we will find the most reliable tradesman @ the most reasonable price. Our aim here quality & professionalism.

Quotege is free to use. Tell us what you need using our quick quote contact form. We’ll recommend a single tradesman for your work. You are under no obligation or contract if you decide to proceed with an alternative tradesman.

We vet our tradesmen based on a number of data points…

Including reviews , date of those previous reviews, authenticity & reliability of reviews, professionality, their website, number of years their domain name is registered, number of years on business, facebook page, images of previous work, reliability, certification, registered company, sole trader registration and more.

Most important of all…

We will not recommend a tradesman, that we would not use for our own projects.

I have hired numerous tradesmen over the years. I have had some success, some failures, but mostly successes. I use my knowledge to find the best tradesman for your project at the best price.

Looking for the best tradesmen, local services near me, painters, decorators, plumbers, electricians..? Use Quotege. Local Services, Handymen near me.

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