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How much does a new boiler cost? What boiler grants are available? Are there grants available for boiler replacement? New Boiler Prices From €1,999 on quotege

What grants are available for new boilers?

At the time of writing the only grant available in relation to new boiler upgrades are for heating controls. There are currently no grants available to upgrade your boiler, only heating control grants.

SEAI offer a €750 heating controls grant. Heating controls gives you independent time and temperature control over your heating and hot water.

SEAI Boiler Heating Controls Grant Example

A new boiler costs €2,000.

If you decide to update your heating controls, this will cost an additional €1,200. You can reclaim a grant of €750 for the heating controls. Total cost: €3,200-€750=€2,450.

Heating Controls Available

Save another €400 with SEAI Home Energy Grant Measures

With SEAI Home Energy Grants, the heating controls grant is known as 1 measure. There are 5 measures available, such as an insulation grant, solar grant, or a heat pump system grant. Each one of these is known as a measure. If you get 3 SEAI grants, you’ll save another €300. Get 4 and save €400.

Are SEAI Energy Grants Worth It?

Getting the grant means you’ll need to show a BER building energy regulation cert. This is to show that the energy of the house has been upgraded, e.g. from a c3 to a b1. If you intend to get more measures, get the BER cert after the work is complete. Otherwise you will be charged for a BER cert on each occasion.

I would suggest, unless you genuinely need the work, don’t go getting a third or fourth measure, just to save an extra €300.

FYI, for the purposes of this article, the BER cert is included with the work, so you wont be charged extra!

How much does a new boiler cost?

Ideal Vs Worcester Bosch Vs Viesmann…

What’s the difference?

We asked one of our friends in the boiler installation business and here’s what they had to say…

In terms of performance and efficiency, there is no difference. You’re paying for the name. Viesmann is German and the rolls Royce of boilers, Worcester Bosch, there made in Worcester England but associated with the Bosch name and Bosch products are popular and reliable. Ideal are a lower budget boiler, again British and around a long long time but slightly cheaper parts in it make it a slightly less reliable boiler, but they have the best back up service out of the lot of them and will stand over warranties which makes them very popular with boiler installers.

What is the difference between Ideal, Viessmann & Bosch Boilers?
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