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Power Flush Radiators From €399

How Much Does A Power Flush Cost? 4-6 Radiators Cost €399+VAT.

Flushing your system will cure most heating system problems

The Leading Provider in Kamco Power Flushing Dublin & Ireland.

Over 15 years experience as a registered gas installer.

  • Power Flushing Prices Cost From €399+VAT
  • Average Flushing Fee €500+VAT
  • Max Domestic Power Flushing Cost €800
  • Free No Callout Charge Dublin Leinster
  • Pay On Completion
  • 3-5 Hrs To Complete The Job

Power Flush & Boiler Service Combo Deals

  • €50 Boiler Service (Was €100). 50% discount. During your power flushing service.
  • €150 Magnetic pipework filter to reduce build-up in your radiator heating system.
  • From €69 labour rate for repairs and services.

Is a power flushing worth the money?

How do I know if I need a power flush? Turn on your heating & turn your radiators up to the max. If your home is not heating properly, or for example, certain rads are heating, but not others, (perhaps upstairs is heating, but not downstairs) you might consider power flushing your heating system. If your rads are old, then its also worth considering a flushing your heating system.

Otherwise, you are losing money by paying to heat your home, but not getting the full benefit of the heat.
Power flush your heating system, radiators, or boiler system.

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