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Electrics & Plumber Cost & Prices

HAP & RAS payments guarantee monthly rent for landlords.

But you must keep your property in good order. We can manage your council property inspection from start to finish, bringing your property up to the highest standards…

A HAP rental can be a great benefit to both landlords & tenants

In fact, some mortgage lenders prefer HAP tenants as it means guaranteed monthly income from the state. They also have a preference of a population of around 10K. This means there may be more jobs more ammeneties and in general a bigger population, which means availability of tenants.

We recommend requesting a council inspection

This way you know exactly what work is required to bring your property up to spec.

Make sure you have an approval and agreement from the relevant county council in writing before the tenant moves in.

HAP inspections are helpful for landlords as you know what you need to do to get the property up to scratch. I recommend dealing with HAP asap. you then know your property meets HAP standards.

Issues can include window repairs, electrics, to plastering, painting, plumbing, chimney sweeping and more. To save you having to manage this, we can do it for you. We are a one stop shop that can deal with your HAP inspections with urgency.

Contact us with details of your HAP inspection and we will help address all the issues outlined

Electrical costs for approximately 1 day including labour & materials

  • Connect oven & hob to cooker switch
  • 10 minute run over on mechanical extractor fan
  • 2 Mains wired smoke alarms
  • 3 carbon monoxide alarms
  • Fire blanket supply & fit

Total electrician cost €791.

Boiler & Plumbing costs for approximately 1 day including labour & materials
  • Hot tap loose & leaking
  • En-suite not working well
  • En-suite evidence of leak in waste pipe to back of WC pan
  • Wash hand basin cracked
  • Water in hot water cylinder not staying hot for long
  • leak under sink
  • repair leak under stairs near boiler

Total Pluming repairs and leaks cost €1,200

If you require assistance with a rental property or otherwise, Quotege gets quotes

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