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BER rating cost quotes Ireland. BER cert cost from €165 to €185 inc vat & all charges, we’ll beat any quote by 10%. Free Quotes

Today, we compare prices from abc BER assessors to rate a 3 bedroom standard house in Naas, Co. Kildare. Prices ranged from €165- €450 for a BER Cert cost.

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The house runs on oil central heating. Built around the 1920’s. Has a small kitchen extension but still a standard 3 bedroom it would be a very small house without the kitchen extension.

BER Cert Cost Kildare

Heat pumps increase the BER cert cost

Generally you can add on €80 – €120 to the original BER cert cost if you have a heat pump. More work is required by the BER assessor. With a heat pump, there is a bigger chance the SEAI will inspect the BER assessment.

How much does a BER rating cost for a 3 bed house, Naas, Kildare?

All BER prices inc vat, no hidden fees or charges.

Inc recommendations to increase BER cert rating.

  1. €210 all in
  2. €260
  3. €340
  4. €200
  5. €165
  6. €450+VAT
  7. €312.90
  8. €325
  9. €230
  10. €280

Cheapest BER cert cost Naas, Kildare?

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How much is the cheapest BER cert in Kildare?

We offer cheaper BER rating discounts when you buy 2 or more BER certs.
  • Save a €10 (6%) discount when you get 2 or more BER certs.
  • We can offer certs as low as €140 for 2 or more BER Certs Kildare.
  • Normal BER assessor costs from €150.
  • BER Cert discount for 2 or more BER Certs €140.
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