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Building Surveyor Dublin – Prices from €400 for a 3 bed semi-d property survey

Building Surveyor Dublin – Prices from €400 for a 3 bed semi-d property survey

Buying a property is not cheap. Even after you have gone sale agreed, issues may come down the line, issues with dampness, structural defects, windows, location and a lot more. I recommend undertaking a pre purchase house survey to put your mind at ease.

Whilst the price for a house or apartment survey can vary, we give you a ballpark cost for a 3 bed terrace property survey in Ireland today under 90 square metres.

How much does a house survey cost in Ireland?

A property surveyor in Dublin charges €400 for a house survey. The cost for an apartment survey will be less than this as there is less work involved. A report then follows approximately 2 days after completion of the structural survey.

Pre purchase house survey Dublin

Property Survey Costs outside of Dublin

Generally the cost will increase for a property survey in Kildare, Meath, Wicklow or further afield. It is not as easy to find a property surveyor outside of Dublin as they will probably be based in Dublin or Leinster. This means the engineer will have to take time out to drive & pay for petrol. However, we can help to find local property surveyor nearby.

Depending on your location outside of Dublin, such as Leinster, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow, we may be able to maintain the €400 charge, but to be sure, contact us for a Property Survey Price

The €400 property survey includes checking the dampness element fo the house

We have included a sample property survey report from a previous job we have completed.

Included in the cost of a structural survey in Ireland should tell you if the price you are going to pay for the house is within reason.

After your undertaking your survey, work may be required to upgrade the house. Get quotes from trusted tradesmen & handyman here. Use this 1 simple tip to calculate the tradesman cost for your project.

Recommended pre purchase house surveyors in Dublin

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