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Successful Web Design Must Haves On A Small Budget

Successful Web Design & Online Marketing SEO online cost & prices – How much does a web design cost?

What makes a successful web design? A website will not survive by itself. An online shop, a blog, updated regularly with good quality content and a social media presence are just the tip of the iceberg. We explain in simple terms how to make a successful web design not just survive, but thrive.

If your visitors trust you, you will generate more sales conversions. Having a small number of users, who are interested in your business and like what you have to offer, is better than having 10 times more users, that have no interest in your services. How to make your visitors love you

What makes a successful web design and how can I achieve more sales?

Successful web design with an ecommerce online shop

Disagree all you want, but clearly outlining your prices builds trust. Outline what you get and don’t get for that price. Furthermore, an option to Buy Now, builds even more trust. Any business can put up a price. You can put up prices starting at €100 or simply Buy now, €100.

An ecommerce website consists of products. So you may not sell an actual product, but you can still package your services into a product which has a price. Or at least has prices starting at €x. E.g. Bathroom remodelling starting at €7.500. Your service does not have to be the cheapest, but being the most expensive won’t help. If your price is the same as your competitors, but you have the ability to buy now, or buy a deposit now, e.g. €200, refunded off the price if you go with us. The results are in and they are simple… You win!!

Whatever your business, you can always offer users the ability to buy now.

For any business, users search for costs and prices, builder cost, tradesman cost, handyman rates, etc, so having prices with the ability to buy now, will help you increase your SEO.

A blog updated regularly, offers users free advice and if it keeps users interested, and they don’t bounce off the page, will help SEO.

It’s not the quantity of visitors, it is the quality of them.

A youtube channel, with regular videos

Video marketing is where it’s at. Doesn’t have to be every day, but whatever interval you upload the videos to your youtube channel, make it regular. You can even embed your videos onto your website.

A google business & facebook page

Why? because we said so… Just kidding. It’s all about increasing your search engine ranking. When you post to your blog, make sure you post an image too (All together now – to increase your SEO). Copy the blog post to your facebook and google pages along with the relevant image.

Link each blog post where possible

For example a blog about a successful web design might have a link to how much a web design service costs? or the price of an ecommerce online shop. You can then link in those posts back to your initial blog. However, try keep it all relevant!

Ask for reviews with links to your google and facebook pages. If there is one thing you need for a successful web design, it is positive reviews from your customers.

Google adwords

Even a small budget to get you started will do. If you only have adwords and no organic SEO listing, then you are missing out on a prime bit of real estate. You get higher in google with your blog and social media pages.

Push the boat out

If you really want a successful website, contact local or national newspapers, websites, radio stations and blogs. Tell the what you are doing. Inform them of new or upcoming products.

Remember the 5 w’s: Who, where, what, when and why. Tell a story. Read the example for some ideas below:

Hi, I’m Tom O’Neill and I’m a local web designer. I have just completed my 100th website and I’m offering my next website for free. I have lived all my life in Clondalkin and I’m looking to offer my web design services to a local charity of your choice. Each month, I will select an individual or a charity, that we feel are deserved of a free website design or online marketing services as a thank you for your hard work and effort in the community.

Some ideas for a successful online marketing campaign

Bonus Tip!! Offer Cost Effective Loyalty Marketing Based Programs

OK, even I agree that heading is a mouthful but hear me out. This is simple to implement and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t want to be known as a cheap web designer or a cheap electrician, but even the biggest and best companies use loyalty programs for a successful web design. Here are some loyalty program ideas below, implement one or implement them all:

  • 5% Loyalty points – Useable on your next purchase, so the customer must make a purchase first
  • 5% off your next purchase – See above
  • Refer a friend and get 5% back – See above. Only when the friend makes a purchase, the referrer gets 5% back of the price paid by their referral
  • Use discount code WebDesign5 at checkout – For a 5% discount off your website
  • Buy 2 get 1 free

The best and most exciting part about loyalty points is that they are paid out after you have made a sale. They give the customer a reason to purchase your services again

If you really cannot afford to offer users a 5% discount of your services, then consider increasing your prices. Users may not even avail of your kind offers, however it will take up valuable real estate space on google, facebook and other social platforms that will make even the biggest of your competitors envious

And finally, email marketing

Is a must. However, you need to build up a list first so make sure you ask visitors on your website and customers if you can email updates about your products & services or previous work you have done.

Don’t have any content for your ezine? No problem. Use the content from your blog. You don’t need seperate content for each marketing channel. If you update your blog weekly. Then maybe once a month, update your base with the 4 blogs you uploaded..

Build even more trust… Why choose us for your web design services?

  • We’ll beat any quote by 10%
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our web design services
  • Our websites come with a 1 year guarantee
  • Free domain, hosting, logo, etc
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