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7 Tips to Find a Great House Painter in Your Local Area

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Average price for an interior & exterior house painter including 3 quotes cost to paint (semi-)detached houses
The average house painter daily rate comes in at approx €35 per hour or €280 per day.

A coat of paint on your exteriors and interiors enumerates a dramatic effect. Painting the house freshens up the overall exterior and makes it look exemplary and clean as a new house. To avoid endless frustrations, loss of money, and miscommunication one needs to hire an experienced painter.

For jaw-dropping house paint, you need to hinge on a professional house painter. Here are 7 tips to find a house painter in your local area in Dublin. will help you in finding the best house painter.

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Tip 1: Look on social media

The internet is gorged with numerous resources to help you find a house painter. If you do not have any information about local house painters then social media is the best option to look for. Join community groups like that on Facebook. Facebook groups have plenty of information regarding a locality. Join the relevant group and ask questions from the people in the group. Search on google painter near me and a plethora of options will come on the screen. On the internet, there are details of the painters. You can easily get contact and email from the internet. Moreover, make use of your social media public account. Your account must have a local following. You can ask around on social media for reviews and recommendations. Additionally, there are testimonials on community groups and websites. There are various websites in Dublin to help you look for experienced house painters in your locality.

Tip 2: Referrals

Recommendations from friends, family, co-workers and the neighborhood are always reliable and trustworthy. Your topmost priority while looking for a local house painter should be reliability and experience. The experience and information of your closest ones are valuable. Ask around the people close to you. Request them to give feedback, opinion, and recommendation. Make a list of queries for instance Were your friends satisfied with the results, the expected budget, any damages done to the property, and whether would they like to recommend it or not. Walk around your neighborhood and observe if someone is getting their paint done. Value their opinions and check the results yourself to find a house painter within your locality.

Tip 3: Cross-question the house painter

Getting your house painted is a tough and risky job. To corroborate if the house painter is dependable make sure to cross-examine him by asking questions. Make sure they have enough experience to handle the house paint. A custom job is not a regular painting, instead, it includes painting different patterns or textures on walls. In this case, keep an eye on their work around your locality. Ask the residential painter if they can manage painting according to your schedule. While searching for a house painter, make sure they are within your budget or not. We suggest not looking for painters willing to paint at a low price. Cheap costs might risk the exterior and interiors, as the material they might use will cause chipping and fading in the future. 

Tip 4: Evaluate the house painter’s work

Choosing the best house painter from your locality will directly impact the house. There is no shame in asking for pictures of their work. You can guess the quality of work from images. Before contacting the house painters, you can look at pictures on google. Many customers tend to leave reviews and testimonials on the internet. Reviews will benefit you in deciding the best house painter. Check the materials they utilize for kitchen cabinet painting, doors, walls, and windows. Walk around your neighborhood and evaluate the quality of the paint. Ask around if there are any damages to walls after painting. 

Tip 5: Hardware store owners and real estate agents

House painting is a local operation. Hardware store owners and real estate agents in your locality are familiar with house painters. Give your contact details to the store owners. Jot down the number of painters they provide. Real estate agents are also of great help. Request your agent to look for great house painters. Ask the store owners and real estate agents to keep an eye on good painters and contact you. You can tell them their estimated budget, and they will cater to you with a house painter within the budget.

Tip 6: Look for painters who work on contracts

House painting is a responsibility, so make sure to look for painters who are willing to sign a contract. A contract is necessary for the safety and security of work from both sides. Negotiate with the house painters before signing a contract. Mention your budget, expectations, and time. On a considerable note, make an advance payment of 10 or 15% after signing a contract. This step will create mutual trust between the client and the house painter.

Tip 7: Compare prices

House painting comes with a cost. After inquiring about the house painters in your locality, choose the best 2 or 3. Compare the costs and the facilities are they providing. Check the labor and material costs. After concluding, pick the one that fits your estimated budget. is one of the helpful and leading blogpost.

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