How To Find A Reliable Tradesman

Finding Reliable Tradesmen, whether it’s a handyman, plumber, painter or decorator, etc can be quite time consuming

Finding The Right Tradesman You Can Trust ain’t easy. Especially if you don’t know where to start. Here are some tips below to help you on your way…

Check facebook & google reviews along with their dates. Reviews from 10 years ago don’t cut the mustard.

Check if reviews have any connection to the business, e.g. friends or family. 10 positive reviews from a sister, brother, brother-in-law, etc, can give a false sense of security. Don’t buy it.

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Check if the business is registered

By visiting . Check for an address, preferably a full address and connect this to the website. At least if you have this info, you have some comeback.

Check What The Review Relates to

ABC Web design’s the best websites. They also develop ecommerce websites. You are in the market for an ecommerce website. ABC Web have 100 positive reviews. You click into the reviews. They have 90 positive reviews for developing websites. However, on further research, you notice that the 10 negative reviews all relate to ecommerce development. So, at first glance, this all looks quite positive, until you read between the lines.

I’m rambling here but a company might be great at designing websites but not so great at developing logos. If you require a logo, then ask for reviews relating to logos, not web designing.

Warranties, Guarantees & Indemnities

Does the service come with a warranty, or guarantee. Ask for a receipt. Paying through a legitimate source such as PayPal, Stripe or a bank account can help if you require a refund or partial refund.

Qualified Tradesmen

You tend to pay a little bit more for a contractor registered with The Registered Electrical Contractors of Ireland, The Construction Industry Federation, The National Guild of Master Craftsmen , Irish Association of Funeral Directors , or other registered body, but it helps put your mind at ease that they are a legitimate business.

Where possible, pay a small deposit, balance upon completion of the work

This is reasonable and in some cases, if a tradesman requests payment in full before starting, it should raise questions. It differs in each industry. Ask to pay in full upon completion of the work. Better yet, pay a 50% deposit and 50% upon completion. Or 40% at the start, 30% halfway through, then the balance, 30% at the end. This way you and the tradesman gain. If you only offer payment upon completion, you might be ignored over others willing to pay a deposit.

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