Free Website Builder

Before paying hard earned money to a web developer (They’ll probably use the same, free web design template as your competitor)

Set up time? Less than 2 minutes. No coding or developers required. Beats squarespace, wix, weebly, etc, hands down.

You’ll also get free leads direct to your inbox. See some examples below..

A website alone, does not a sale make.

Save €1000’s on SEO & online marketing

Managing a website, SEO & marketing is a full time job. Interested in a full free marketing package as well as a free website?

Free Vanity URL Or Buy Domain Name

Your website includes a free vanity url such as or To qualify for a vanity URL, you need to submit number of quotes. To submit a quote, you’ll need to receive leads. To receive leads, you’ll need to set at least one location you cover and create one or more keywords. You will then receive free leads. You can then apply for a vanity URL upon submission of a set number of quotes. You can share your vanity URL from your dashboard or profile page.

Hurry, QuotElf Vanity URLs are in high demand. Domains and vanity URLS are limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Build trust. High quality, relevant content, wins.

Keep it simple, stupid. Less is more.

  1. Logo. Don’t have a logo, you’ll get one here freelacner, or pph or fivr
  2. Contact info. asd
  3. Short description asd
  4. Long description asd
  5. Qualifications asd
  6. Reviews asd
  7. Terms & Conditions. any gaurantees, warranties, etc.. payment terms, etc
  8. Prices

Complete your profile here. To create your free whats app whats app chat button include your phone number. Leave out your phone number and your whatsapp button won’t activate.

Contact form enquiries will go direct to your email as well as any enquiries from keywords you have set.


Website limitations

What you don’t get with your free website
No facility to sell products online

Our websites are mainly for lead generation services, accountants, plumbers, tradesmen, handymen, accountants, solicitors, etc… Our websites offer a simple, single contact form to increase leads to your inbox.

Hot tipe: Don’t duplicate your products

You’ll save time & money and reach a larger audience, uploading your products to a single marketplace like Amazon. Uploading to your website duplicates your workload.

Quick question: Do you upload your business images to facebook? Your website? Or both?

Less is more…

A simple website, with accurate & relevant info, will help your SEO efforts.

The best website is pointless without marketing. If you have a QuotElf Website, social media pages, that’s all you need and you will have a busy enough time replying to enquiries, quotes & social media updates.