Do Tradesmen Negotiate?

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Don’t Offer A Budget

Generally when someone asks me “What is my budget?”, I ask “How much will it cost?”.

If you know my budget, then you know how much I’m willing to pay

Get A Few Quotes So You Have A Price Range

Let’s say you’re quoted €2,000 to paint your house, and the painter can start next Monday, you could say something like this…

If you can start on Monday, I’m can agree to pay €1,800 (could be more, could be less). If they say no, then you can still proceed paying the full €1,000.

Always make an offer that you would be happy to accept, were you a Tradesman

If they say no, then you can still proceed paying the full €2,000.

Now, if you offered me €1,800, my reply would be:

I’m happy to split the difference with you, Which would be €1,900 and I can start on Monday.

Tradesmen can negotiate too!

Get Quotes For Multiple Jobs

Installing a single tap, 100 kilometres from where a tradesman lives, doesn’t sound appealing. Request quotes for a few tasks to generate more interest from tradesmen. This may also mean a better price for you.

Perhaps you and a friend are both looking for a new outside tap. Pool together to get a great deal for you and your neighbour.

Offer To Supply Materials

What materials does your tradesman use. Our plumber installed a new boiler recently. We were given an option of 2 boilers

There was little difference in the two and we chose the IDEAL boiler. The boiler is installed a few years now and in fairness we have not had any issues with it! Boiler Installation Savings €350.

Get A Fixed Price Before Hiring Your Tradesman

The only thing that matters is completing the task. Tradesmen need to price in their time, you don’t. A reliable tradesman will complete the job in a timely and efficient manner. Meaning a better price. Don’t base your price on the number of days to complete the task.

My Tradesman Won’t Budge On Price

I have hired tradesmen that don’t reduce their price. Professional tradesmen know what they’re worth. A cheap tradesman is questionable. That said, a tradesman is only worth, what someone is willing to pay. If your tradesman won’t reduce their price, but you still want to hire them, pay the price they are asking..

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