Why Not Try Bartering?

When you barter, you swap your own services or products in exchange for someone else’s

In this article, I explain what bartering is, and how to barter your services to save money..

We have got a lot of work done recently and will probably always need work done. Tradesmen are more than interested in bartering…

As a web designer, when I require a tradesman, painter, plasterer, etc, I generally ask if they are interested in getting a website designed

Do I check if they have a website already? Yes. Am I more inclined to give someone the business if they do not have a website and would like me to develop one for them? Yes.

That doesn’t mean I will go with just about anyone. You should still background check a tradesman. A tradesman must be professional, reliable and trusted. I have given business before to tradesmen who don’t need a website as I trust them. I will continue to do so. However, given the choice between 2 tradesmen, both the exact same exp. I will go with the one who is looking for a website.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be offended if you don’t get a positive reply. In some instances, after I email looking for a quote, I get replies asking me about designing a website, how it works, etc as they see in from my email address or signature that I design websites.

What Is Bartering & How Does It Work?

Bartering is the act of exchanging or swapping goods in replacement of using money. So for example, I need a plumber and you need a website designer. It gives both parties and incentive to go with the other.

Alternatively one party might not have any money to pay for a plumber. In which case, they can pay by designing a website for the plumber.
What Happens If Each Service Is A Different Price?

This is not a big issue and can easily be resolved. Let’s say the cost to develop an ecommerce website is €1,000. The cost to fix a leak, plumbing repairs, etc comes to €2,000. Then you just pay the €1,000 difference.

Alternatively, you could instead offer some extra website design services. You could offer to do some marketing, upload a few products to a website, include some free SEO services, offering to write up free facebook posts, or even give free management and back-ups for a time period.

Bartering should not be ruled out just because the services in question differ in prices. Each party should come together to reach a conclusion.

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