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  • From 250 Euro, 1 Bed
  • From 450 Euro, 2 Bed
  • From 600 Euro, 3 Bed
  • From 1,750 Euro, 3 bed house interior
  • From 2,500 Euro, 3 bed house interior & exterior
  • What does a painters cost include: 2 coats, single colour, ceilings painted white, skirt board painted white, small plastering jobs where required, doors painted
  • Price includes supply of any Dulux, Crown and Fleetwood paints.
  • We supply all materials including paint.
  • Painters price includes 1 colour. If you require more than 1 colour an extra cost will be incurred for each subsequent colour. Alternatively, you can supply your own 2nd or 3rd colour paints.
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  • Supply your own paint for cheaper painters Dublin
  • If you're not in a rush for an urgent painter, you can save even more money if you can wait a little longer
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