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Brand Your Van.

Looking to build up trust? Branded is good. Looking for reliable tradesmen? Here’s why I always check for a branded van

Once upon a time, I went with a tradesman and I got stung. I made a few mistakes, but this one is very important.

A branded van is great for advertising. Naturally, you want either a dark colour on a light van, or light colours on a dark van. If you feel the need to veer away from this with a pink text on a red van, or grey font on a black van, just don’t. I have seen vans in front of me I can’t read, and I’ve seen vans a mile away I can read perfectly.

However there is something more important here…

If a tradesman pays to have a branded van, they are probably not going to rebrand it every few weeks. They have invested in their company name. How can I invest in a tradesman if they are not willing to invest in themselves?

I trust a tradesman with a brandeing more than someone with an unbranded van. With an unbranded van, a tradesman can change a name, a company name or phone number in a second.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

It also tells me they specialise in their area. I’ve seen companies offering services from power washing, to gutter cleaning, to tiling, to painting. This is not good. I would rather pay more, for an actual painter, or an actual tiler.

Again, an unbranded van, means that the tradesman will probably do anythign you ask…

Are you a tiler? Yes. My friend needs a painter also, do you know any? I can do that too…

Branding A Van Costs Money

True. However, an unbranded van can lose your money… You need to pay money out to run a business and this is one cost that I would make sure is in your budget…

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