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Cost To Convert A Spare Room Into An Office

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A worktop that is rectangular in shape. Size 13ft long, 7 ft down one side and 3 foot down the other side. 82 cm high and 79 cm deep. Storage cabinets underneath. The cabinet would have a base and a middle shelf for storage. 3 sets of drawers, 3 drawers high. 3 spaces of 4 foot each for leg room. Install 2 door locks, 1 for the main office door and the other for the ouside door with 2 bolts. Install 2 smoke alarms (already purchased so supply not neeed) and I fire extinguisher and 1 fire blanket both of which I have Also provide 2 filing cabinets.

Quote from reputable local tradesmen , carpenters in Ireland comes to €3,500 including VAT with a 1 month lead in time.

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