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I Ignore Phone Calls. I Have More Time & Money

Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money. You can’t get more time.

This article explains how, with 1 simple change, I have made more time and become more productive too…

I used to think that being ‘busy’ corelated directly to being successful

I was wrong. Generally, we want more money so we can have more time, with our family and friends, etc. So ultimately, what most of us are looking for, is more time.

Consider the following 2 scenarios:

  1. A potential customer rings looking to get a website designed. They ask a lot of questions. The phone call takes 30 minutes. They decide against hiring your company.
  2. A potential customer wants to meet in the city for an hour or 2 to run through a potential sale. They decide against hiring your company. You lose half a day, probably stuck in traffic, plus expenses incurred.

Now consider the following scenario.

As you are a busy person, you kindly text (or email) anyone who wishes to chat or meet up, (or have a quick phone call at most) to answer any of their questions. You do not elaborate or rant, simply answer the questions…

This is the generic text I send out to my missed calls

“Sorry I missed your call. Can you text please? Thank you”

This is a generic text message I send if I miss a call and if the caller has not sent a text or left a voicemail

I get a little upset sometimes as I don’t get as many calls as I used to. Before I knew it, it was 5 o’clock and I was still on the phone. But I realise that I have programmed my life to be like this and it is ultimately what I wanted.

I outsource a lot of tasks to free up my time

I use Quotege to find suitable handymen, tradesmen, window cleaners, painters, decoraters, gardeners to help with tasks around the home.

Reduction in scam callers

By ignoring calls, I also ignore a lot of potential fraud, scam or dodgy phone calls. There has been a huge increase in scam callers recently.

I don’t like making decisions

As a phone conversation is instantaneous, sometimes you need to make decisions on the spot. I like to take time to think about my decisions. If I make a promise over the phone, I can’t go back on it, therefore I prefer emails, or texting. My preference is to think about my reply, rather than answering right away on the phone.

“God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them in that proportion.”

I prefer emailing, texting rather than a phone conversation
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