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Keep Warm In Winter On A Budget

Each winter seems to get colder and colder. We’ve collated a few ideas to keep the cold away this winter… Including a free solution!

As Winter approaches, the cost to keep warm increases. Equally, as summer comes in, the cost to keep cool, increases.

Free fire wood

Lots of garden centres offer free excess wood that customers leave behind for you to pick up. We like the idea of freecycling. It would be a nice gesture to make a small donation to a local charity in exchange for free wood.

Hedge your bets

Don’t have all your chickens in the 1 basket. Don’t rely solely on insulation, or solely on gas, electricity, etc. Have a few different options, in case the others fail.

One off cost solutions

With one off costs, you don’t have monthly or recurring costs, such as insulation. Once insulation is fitted, it should last years. Especially if you have a new build, or easy access to install insulation. We found the Knauf Eko Roll Loft insulation lagging wool roll, a great option.


If the electricity goes a back up generator is a great idea. In the scorching hot weather, a solar generator could run an air con or fanning system. A petrol or diesel generator is preferable to keep you warm on a cold winter day.

A backup generator can be useful in both summer and winter

Worried about rising prices? Stock up on coal, firewood, peat, etc, if you have a fire or stove.

Layers of clothes in the winter will also cut down your energy bills and cost over the winter period
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