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BER rating cost quotes Ireland. BER cert cost from €165 to €185 inc vat & all charges, we’ll beat any quote by 10%. Free Quotes

2 simple, but effective, ways to bag yourself a free BER assessment

If you have already chosen an estate agent and you don’t have your BER cert yet, I recommend asking for a free BER Cert. Don’t ask – Don’t get. It is a small price for an estate agent to pay for your business

Another way to get a free BER Cert

If you are applying for a grant, you need to show the BER Cert after the work is complete, so that the SEAI can see the effect of the work. If you get some work done on your house, such as a new gas boiler installation with heating controls, or new window & doors installation, the company may include the BER Cert assessment free of charge as a thank you for giving them your business.

Failing this, they may be able to get you a cheap BER Cert as they may already send a lot of business the BER assessors’ way.

Commercial BER cert exemptions – No Cert required

If it is standalone building, with less than 50sqm of usable space, a Commercial BER Cert is not required. For example, a BER Cert Rating Assessor is not required for a 24 sq mtrs barber shop.

If you are unsure your commercial unit is BER exempt, request a free commercial BER Cert quote here. We will be able to tell you if your commercial unit is exempt from a BER Cert.

If you require assistance with your a BER cert rating, click here.

If you require a BER cert for the purpose of selling your house then you don’t need to register it for grant purposes. This saves you an extra €30. All BER certs must be registered with the SEAI at a cost of €20. Our BER Cert costs cover all these fees and charges.

Cheap BER Certs

  • We offer cheap BER Certs starting at €165 here.
  • BER Cert Cost Inc VAT. No hidden fees or charges.
  • We’ll beat any quote by 10%.

How much does it cost to increase my BER Cert Rating?

We implemented a few low cost measures to increase our BER cert rating from an E to a C3.

How much is the cheapest BER cert in Dublin?

We offer cheaper BER rating discounts when you buy 2 or more BER certs.

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