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Trusted Tradesmen. 1 Simple Tip To Calculate The cost

Tradesman online cost & prices – How much does a handyman cost? Use this simple calculation

After seeing a few ads online for Handyman for hire from as little as €15-€20 Per Hour, this article will set the record straight about how much a tradesman should costs & price your particular job.

Best practice for a tradesman or handyman is to not quote a price in hours, but for the actual job required. To give a price range, e.g. Between €500-€600. Offer a great price to the customer, but also cover yourself for any uncertainties…

Pretend that no qualifications are required for your task, such as mowing the lawn, or removing some rubbish.

So there is no extra charge involved in terms of the experience required for the job such as rewiring a house, surveying a property or carrying out a BER cert assessment.

Pretend you’re a trusted tradesman for a day. You offering a rubbish removal service. Here is a quick case study to calculate the cost of the job

  • A homeowner has asked you to remove rubbish from their back garden.
  • You calculate say, €50 for a 1 hour job but you get there and it ends up taking 3 hours.
  • Rubbish must be disposed of in recycling or other facility with waste permit – This charge must be paid
  • You must pay tax on the €50
  • You get stuck in traffic going too and from the job adding on 2 hours & petrol or diesel.
That 1 hour €50 job has now become a half-day, loss making exercise. If you are not happy with the customer, then you might not perform the task 110% as the customer may have requested or you may rush the job.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay gold, you may still get monkeys. The most expensive is not always the best. Neither is the cheapest.

A professional tradesmen budgets for all uncertainties.

How to reduce the cost of your tradesman or handyman.

Like yours, a tradesman’s time is limited.

So travel time must be reduced. A bigger job will be prioritised over a smaller job. Where possible, wait until you have more jobs or bundle them together. Especially if you live outside the city.

Even if you live in Dublin or Kildare, Meath, etc, a tradesman is more interested in going to a single location, rather than multiples, in case they get stuck in traffic.

In summary, how can I calculate a tradesman or handyman cost or price for my project?

Run through the max time it may take a tradesman to get here and how long it may take them – Be honest with yourself and put yourself in the shoes of your handyman. What would you like to be paid for the job?

Does a trusted tradesman price include VAT?

If a handyman earns more than over €37,500, then they must register for VAT. If a tradesman doesn’t register for VAT, then they make €37,500 or less in sales. Meaning either it is not a full time job or they are not getting enough business. So in both circumstances, you should avail of a tradesman that is registered for VAT. Furthermore, ask if the price includes VAT and request a breakdown before engaging with the tradesman / handyman.

Make sure to ask your trusted tradesman for a breakdown of the final price and if there are any hidden fees or charges?

Does the job come with a warranty or guarantee?

Specialised Tradesman Prices & Costs.

Naturally, the longer a trade takes to learn, or the more experience a tradesman has, means you will pay more. E.g. Property Surveyor Ireland, Boiler Replacement & Installation, Power Flush Services, Painter & Decorator, etc. Does the price include labour and supply of materials, e.g. installing a boiler, take the price of the boiler, off the total cost so you can calculate the actual cost going to the plumber

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