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Trusted Tradesmen For Elderly People

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Unwavering Commitment to help and serve our elderly community to the highest of our ability

To this end, we have set up an elderly discount category for our trusted tradesmen. Our tradesmen care about & support the elderly too.

If you are an elderly person and require a trusted tradesman or handyman or if you are acting on behalf of an elderly friend or relative,

Get trusted tradesmen quotes for the elderly here

Tell us what tasks you require and we will endeavour to have our trusted tradesman contact you about your requirements.

Your tradesman may request proof that the job is specifically for an elderly person or proof of address such as a bank statement, utility bill or other form of identification.

Big-hearted tradesman Sean Collins gives up his Saturday mornings to repair pensioners’ leaky roofs for free

Read how our star leak fixing roof and gutter repair specialist Sean Collins of Collins Roofing assists the elderly in our community.

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Tips for the elderly when hiring a handyman or tradesman

  • Don’t use cash & don’t leave cash or any valuables lying around the house.
  • Have someone you know and trust in the house with you when a tradesman is scheduled to arrive.
  • Have someone you know help with getting prices, quotes & reviews when finding trusted tradesmen.
  • Get receipts, invoices & quotations.
  • Have someone you know inspect and look over the work once complete.

Did you know there are grants available for the older people?

Grants for housing adaption, and other services

Trusted Tradesmen Helping The Elderly
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