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The House Painter From Hell | Hire painter horror. Pitfalls to watch out for hiring a painter near me.

House Painter | Best Local Painter Daily Rate
Painters Dublin Prices Best, Affordable, Cheap. Inc Taxes, Supply of paint, 2 coats, 1 colour , ceiling, white Skirting Door, plastering
Average price for an interior & exterior house painter including 3 quotes cost to paint (semi-)detached houses
The average house painter daily rate comes in at approx €35 per hour or €280 per day.

Think you’ve found the worst house painter ever?

Think again. Let me share my story of the local house painter near me we engaged to paint the external of the house & garden walls

Does the worst painter ever exist? Yes and we have found them.

This was a tough situation. It was a a personal painting job we went through and it was far from the perfect painting experience. So if you think you have found the worst painter in Ireland, look no further because we found them.

Whilst most people strive to find the best house painters near me, It is important to watch out for pitfalls when searching for the best house painting company.

I broke a few of my own cardinal sins when hiring a local painter near me

Checklist of things to watch out for before hiring a painting company

  • We kind of rushed into it, rather than taking our time and due diligence.
  • We already had a decent painting company that we were happy with, we just wanted to share the business around.
  • The price was reasonable, not the cheapest, but not reasonable.
  • I didn’t feel they knew what they were talking about, I overlooked this

Before we start,

Where did it all go so wrong?

The cost to paint the outside of the house and garden wall was approx 30m * 2m * 2, 2 coats, was €1,600. There was some wooden panels around the walls. We wanted the colours to match. So we had to pay a lot more for the same colour paint that would work on the wood and the wall. However, the painter said that it didn’t matter what paint was used?

So, off they started, on day 2 of the house painting job, my wife said that they were using the wooden paint on the walls. I asked the painter kindly and they said it didn’t matter. After i had spent a lot of money on seperate wood and wall paint based on the painters recommendations. Anyhow, this went on, until eventually i got soooo cross, I had to put the exact paint bucket in his hand and said use this wall paint on the wall… grrrr.

Epic House Painter Fail

Never use wood paint on concrete. Never use indoor paint in an outdoor setting and vice versa

Said literally, any of the best painters in town

Then to make their job handier, they had said my wife said i didnt want a section of the wall painted. So I asked my wife, who said that the painter said that we probably shouldn’t paint this section of the wall. So, a bit of a play on words from our painter here.

One day, he showed up with no paint brush – Literally I had to drive to B&Q and buy him his tools. He also left out a door we wanted painted and to be honest, we just wanted rid of this person before I got even more cross.

He had no means of transport. Which i wouldn’t take away from anyone. The car was in for repair apparently. But it meant it added about 2 hours a day onto the journey.

We were also getting concrete poured for a small patio. Painter informed us it didnt matter if you got the painting job done then the concrete. When in fact they were totally wrong, ALWAYS get the concrete poured and painting job after. We’re now left with concrete splashes all over the painted wall – Not that the painted external wall is the perfect job, mind you..

They were the loveliest of people, however, as fair as finding the best painters near me, I would not recommend this person. Get reviews, check their website, facebook page, etc before you hire your next house painter…

The best painter will have at the very least a vibrant facebook page or google business page

House Painting Price range

  • Average Painting Service Price €2,500
  • Min Price Range €1,400
  • Max Price Range €3,600
5 out of 5 from 991 reviews
Best House Painter Near Me IrelandBest House Painter Near Me IrelandBest House Painter Near Me IrelandBest House Painter Near Me IrelandBest House Painter Near Me Ireland

Price Range: €€

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