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Please be kind – Terms & Conditions

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Rules & guidelines applying to all users & replying to leads. A list of our T+C’s outlined below…


  • Be kind and courteous to customers.
  • Be realistic and set the customer’s expectations.
  • Be clear about your price & what it does or does not include.
  • Request more info, images, or videos, links to websites or videos if it will help you give a more accurate quote.
  • Give the customer a price range if it suits better, e.g. “Between 100-200”.
  • Give the customer a max price or a min price if it suits better, e.g. “From 100 up”, or “max price 200”.
  • Let the customer know if you will beat any prices (e.g. by 10%) or if you offer a refer a friend scheme or loyalty points off their next purchase.
  • Specify if your price includes tax or not and your applicable tax rate.
  • Under promise and Over deliver.
  • Give a few prices, e.g. a cheaper price if the customer supplies the materials or a maximum price including high-end materials.


  • Request contact info or attempt to contact anyone outside of this website, e.g. phone, email or physical addresses.
  • Request an on-site visit to give an accurate quote. Instead give an approximate or ball park price range.
  • Post content of a spammy nature.
  • Promise the moon and the stars if they cannot be delivered. It reflects badly on all parties.
  • Give vague information about what the customer will or won’t get.
  • Pressure or force customers into making decisions they don’t want to.

Thanks for using Quotege. We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all our users and businesses.

Copywriter price range | Average cost per blog posts & article

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Writing Service experts recommended 1500-2000 words per article.

  • Average copywriting service price €40
  • Min Price Writing Service Range €25
  • Max Price Range €200

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