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Black Friday Deals. 6 Shopping Tips.

Shopping can be a stressful experience. Our tips will save you time, money & stress..

1. List up & no impulse buying.

Only buy what you need. I have a notepad that I regularly add to for presents for friends and family. So, when the marketing agencies come a-knockin’ – I’ll be a rockin’. Type a list of what you need during the year and wait. Be it Black Friday, Cyber Monday, January sales, etc, I don’t veer away from this list.

All good things come to those who wait.

2. Sell or be sold.

“If you are not selling, you are being sold.”

Money is better in your pocket than someone else’s

They say not to shop for food on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you buy excess food that you don’t need. The same applies here.

3. Add value to your life.

Don’t buy gimmicks. A €500 playstation (down from €1000) still won’t add value, but a €500 kindle, books, musical instruments, get your house painted, or maybe getting a new window installed, storage solutions in your house, boiler services, all add value. A new jumper, kitchen upgrade. Invest in your education, well-being, fitness, etc..

Will you be using this item 1 year from now? If not, don’t buy it!

4. Only buy what you need.

Buy 2, get 1 free only works, if you actually need more than 1.

5. Check the product is actually on sale.

For example, if a BER Cert is on sale for €200 down from €300, but another BER assessor charges a standard rate of €250, you’re not actually getting a discount. To save time, just google “BER Certs” or get free quotes from our marketplace for pros.

6. Buy to beat inflation.

In general, money goes down in price. Some day-to-day items actually go up in value, or at least maintain their purchasing power, as opposed to cash. E.g. a musical instrument, wood, coal, clothing, DIY tools, aran jumpers, all will probably cost at east 10% more 1 year from now and have no expiry date. If you can afford to, and you can buy it at a good price, load up on coal. Otherwise, you could be paying double the price next year.

7. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t put yourself under any pressure.

The pressure is on the sellers to exceed their sales targets, not on you to buy. Don’t be pressurized into buying during a specific period. There are always sales, Christmas , New Year, January Sales, etc, so you are guaranteed more sales and discounts. If you need something, wait for a sale, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it just because it is on sale. Try not to go into debt, credit during a sale period,

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