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6 Property Property Management Tips you’ll need to know

Managing property can be a stressful exercise at the best of times. Save your time and money… Here is some advice to ease the burden.. Post Views: 6           

Deals & Offers Tips

Black Friday Deals. 6 Shopping Tips.

Shopping can be a stressful experience. Our tips will save you time, money & stress.. Post Views: 54           

Press & Media Productivity Hacks Tips

Weed out tyre-kickers.

Increase your conversions with higher acceptance & reliability rates. If a user has accepted your quote, we recommend organizing specifics about a job or task. Weed out tyre-kickers. One metric we use to rank our pros is their acceptance rate. A higher acceptance rate, generally means a pro is more trustworthy. Equally, we don’t want […]


Why Quotege & How it works

Get free quotes for home improvement, energy, gas, electric certs, services, repairs, replacements, installers and more. Register as a professional – It’s free to submit quotes. We add on a 5% fee. If the customer accepts your quote + the 5% fee, the professional pays us 5%. You recoup this from the customer along with your fee. We offer a full refund if the job does not


Is it worth it to Hire a house decorator? 

House Painter | Best Local Painter Daily Rate
Painters Dublin Prices Best, Affordable, Cheap. Inc Taxes, Supply of paint, 2 coats, 1 colour , ceiling, white Skirting Door, plastering
Average price for an interior & exterior house painter including 3 quotes cost to paint (semi-)detached houses
The average house painter daily rate comes in at approx €35 per hour or €280 per day.