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Find (or replace) my BER cert Ireland or EPC energy performance Cert UK / NI online

The definitive A to G SEAI BER rating guide along with associated costs, suggestions & ideas

Your energy cert has a life span of 10 years. So if it is past the 10 year mark – Don’t waste time looking for it, request a new ber cert quote.

However, you may wish to find a previous energy performance cert or rating, we’ve included some links to help you find or replace your energy cert…

It’s free to find or search for your energy certificate, BER Cert or EPC rating

Find my BER rating cert in Ireland

Search the SEAI national register of certificates. You’ll need your MPRN number and/or your BER number.

Finding your energy certificate Scotland or EPC UK rating online

You can find a commercial or domestic EPC cert here

Find or locate my EPC Scotland here.

Domestic & commercial SEAI BER Assessor sign up here. Registration is free!

  • Search for your DECS here

Failing all that, search your files, folders, emails & gmail

Search using keywords such as energy cert, ber, epc, cert or assessor. If you can remember which assessor completed your energy certificate, then they may have a copy on hand.

Watch this video and see how you can snag a Cheap (or even free) BER Cert Rating Dublin & Ireland

How Much Does A BER Cert Cost?

In reality, there is no difference in any BER assessment. No one BER cert is better than another. If you can get a BER Cert for less than €120, bite their hand off. Each BER assessor has a lot of fees and charges to cover before they make a profit. So in reality a good, or average cost for a BER rating is on average €160 with a price range of about €150-€300. If you are quoted €500+ for a BER rating from a registered SEAI BER assessor, I would request a few more quotes.

We’ve compiled a full list of our enquiries for BER rating prices here.

Are BER Certs free?

If you are selling your property, your estate agent might be kind enough to cough up for a free BER Cert. Your plumber, boiler installer, solar panel installer, etc, may throw in a free BER Cert included in the price of the job. You need the BER rating after the work is done to show how the work has improved the rating. Might be worth enquiring before the job starts if it includes the BER Cert rating in the end

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