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BER Certs 2023 National Annual Report

BER Rating Prices +7.5% in 2023. Was €287, now €311. Avg BER Rating price.

“The average nationwide price for a BER Cert now stands at €311 according to quotes marketplace,”

Figures from professional search marketplace, Quotelf.

“The cost has risen by 7.5% in 2023, up from €287. Not including Q4 2023, there were 109,260 BER Certs issued compared to 122,678 for the full year, 2022. 2023, should be the highest year for domestic BER ratings issued.”

“Prices inc all charges, travel, SEAI publishing fee & grant submission fees. It is important that customers have a price point when requesting quotes for BER ratings so they know they are getting value for money. The stats provided include both domestic and commercial BER Certs. It’s also worth noting that a domestic building with less than 40sqm does not require a BER assessment. A commercial BER is needed if a domestic building has more than 8 rooms. The table included lists the average, min & max prices in the biggest populated counties.”

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