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BER rating cost quotes Ireland. BER cert cost from €165 to €185 inc vat & all charges, we’ll beat any quote by 10%. Free Quotes

We’ve compared the prices from 4 BER assessors to rate a 4 bed house in Dublin. Prices ranged from €185 – €250 for the same BER Cert

We were quite surprised with some of the BER Cert quotes we received from assessors.

Some BER cert quotes were reasonable whilst others were really off the charts. The market for increased BER ratings is growing and will continue to grow with new and innovative SEAI energy grants including the One Stop Shop package. So to goes the number of BER assessors out there. The net impact is that some BER assessors can give outlandish quotes as they are so busy.

If they get the job, great, if not, they are busy enough anyway.

Before we start, consider reading: Recent BER rating quotes price list table from 10 SEAI assessors price ranges

How much does a BER rating cost for a 4 bed house?

Hint, you’ll find a list of quotes from BER assessors below:

  1. €250.00 all in
    1. Includes a report with recommendations
  2. €190.00 including VAT. Includes report recommending steps to bring the property to a B rating (or an A if it is already a B). BER upgrade recommendations generally include:
    1. Improving roof insulation
    2. Wall insulation – Cavity, internal or external.
    3. Upgrading doors and windows.
    4. Upgrading to a heat pump technology for home heating.
  3. €200+VAT
  4. €230

Cheapest BER Cert Dublin?

Where did Quotege rank in on the BER Cert pricing scale?

A simple trick to save money on the BER rating cost for a house or apartment for sale.

If you’re selling your house, your estate agent may offer you a Free BER Cert.

In 3 simple steps, we increased our BER Cert rating from an E to a C1

How much is the cheapest BER cert in Dublin?

We offer cheaper BER rating discounts when you buy 2 or more BER certs.
  • Save a €10 (6%) discount when you get 2 or more BER certs.
  • We can offer certs as low as €140 for 2 or more BER Certs Dublin.
  • Normal BER assessor costs from €150.
  • BER Cert discount for 2 or more BER Certs €140.
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