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BER Cert Ireland, 3 Steps To Increase Ours From E To C1

How We Went From An E Rating BER Cert, To C1 Cost Price

What we did, what we didn’t do and what we probably should have done… to increase our BER Cert rating

We used to live in an apartment. If an apartment is sandwiched between more apartments and it has apartments below and above, you will probably have a decent BER Cert. The reason for this is should be self explanatory. If you have a detached house, the Building Energy Rating Cert will be lower.

The windows in our house were ooooooold. There was an old gas fire which had a baxi back boiler.

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1. New Window Installations

The windows were old, and this was one of the most expensive costs incurred. We hired a local window installation company in Dublin to install double glazed windows. You might want triple glazed if you lived near a noisy road. We got a new composite door (The old door was 50K years old).

2. New Combi Gas Boiler Installed

Replaced the old fire place / back boiler and installed a new gas combi boiler. There are no grants for a new gas boiler. We installed heating controls and there is a €750 heating controls grant from from SEAI Ireland.

3. Cavity Wall Insulation

Since the house is about 50+ years, we had cavity blocks. This meant we could get cavity wall insulation. Beads were pumped through the walls, it took about a day

The BER Rating Scale Explained

Read our definitive A to G SEAI BER rating scale guide along with associated costs, suggestions & ideas

What we didn’t do to increase our Building Energy Rating

We didn’t get our attic insulated

Whilst the attic wasn’t fully converted, floors were already down with rockwool insulation underneath, shelves were also installed. If we were starting from scratch, we would have insulated the attic. There is a small available for attic insulations too.

External or internal wall insulation

We already got they cavity wall insulation and so there was no need for external or internal insulation

Under floor heating or insulation

Apparently a lot of heat is lost under the house. We may look at this in the future. For now, the house is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What we should have done

We removed an old baxi gas fire with back boiler and replaced it with a new combi boiler. In its place, we installed a stove. As I understand, a stove or any fire, is not good for your BER cert as it is not using renewable energy. However, we wanted a fire, like the good old days. We were happy to forgo the increased energy rating for a cosy, warm fire, with some coddle on a winters day!

Power Flush Ireland

We will probably power flush the radiators as they are quite old. Each time we turn the rads on, heat gets wasted.

How Do I Get An A Rated BER Cert?

I believe the only way to gain an A Rated Building Energy Cert is by having these extras, on top of the standard measures.

  • Solar Panels
  • Air to heat or Water to heat in replacement of a standard gas boiler.
  • Heating Controls

In the future, I think more measures will be required to achieve an A1 BER Cert. Wind to water electricity maybe? Perhaps a wind turbine on the roof of your house? Who knows, but for now, we are happy with our few small measures, cavity wall insulation, new windows, efficient combi gas boiler and so on.

How Much Does A BER Cert Cost?

  • Our BER Cert Costs start at €150 including VAT.
  • Our max SEAI BER Assessment price is €250 for a 5+ bed house.
  • We’ll beat any quote by 10%.
  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • Full refund if you are not happy with our BER Assessment Service.
  • The house must be 75 square metres or less and a 2 bed house or less.
  • You can claim back €50 from SEAI.

Each BER Cert includes an advisory report with suggested recommendations to increase your BER rating

How much is the cheapest BER cert in Dublin?

We offer cheaper BER rating discounts when you buy 2 or more BER certs.
  • Save a €10 (6%) discount when you get 2 or more BER certs.
  • We can offer certs as low as €140 for 2 or more BER Certs Dublin.
  • Normal BER assessor costs from €150.
  • BER Cert discount for 2 or more BER Certs €140.
  • Contact Professional BER Certs in Dublin today

We’ve compiled a full list of our enquiries for BER rating prices here.

Are BER Certs free?

If you are selling your property, your estate agent might be kind enough to cough up for a free BER Cert.

Is a BER Cert worth it?

There is definitely a difference between all these works and having none of them complete. The house is warm and cosy so we don’t feel any need to implement any more measures.

If we could choose only 1 measure that increased the energy it was definitely the windows. After that, the gas boiler, and then the cavity wall insulation.

How do I find or replace my BER Cert?

If you have lost your BER Cert, you can replace it using the National BER Register. You’ll need A BER / DEC number. Alternatively, you could contact the BER assessor that carried out the assessment as they may have a kept a copy of your BER cert.

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