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BER rating cost quotes Ireland. BER cert cost from €165 to €185 inc vat & all charges, we’ll beat any quote by 10%. Free Quotes

Please find below a list of prices & charges for BER ratings quotes in Dublin. Our BER rating cost range from €165 to €185 including vat & all charges, we’ll beat any quote by 10%.

You can view all of our BER cert prices here. If you require a quote for a BER rating cost click here.

How does a BER assessor price a BER rating?

  • Location – If you are in Dublin, generally a BER rating cost is cheaper than in the country. There are also more BER cert assessors in the city, so if you are interested in becoming a BER assessor, it is getting more and more difficult to earn your crust.
  • An apartment is generally cheaper than a house because,
    • There may only be 1 outside wall,
    • You might have an apartment underneath and above you
    • So in an apartment, there is not much that can be assessed for the BER ratings.
  • What affects BER Rating Cost for a house?
    1. House size
    2. Number of bedrooms
    3. Is there an attic? If so, is it converted?
    4. Is there a garage? If so, is it converted?
    5. Are there any extensions?

BER Certificate registration and BER grant costs

People don’t randomly request a BER cert for no reason. A BER cert is required to sell your house. In which case, the BER Cert must be registered with the SEAI. The cost for this is €20. When buying a house it is worth checking the BER Rating of the home. These fees are included with in our BER rating cost.

Each BER Cert includes an advisory report with suggested recommendations to increase your BER rating

A simple trick to save money on the BER rating cost for a house or apartment for sale.

If you’re selling your house, your estate agent may offer you a Free BER Cert.

If a house is for sale, and it has a BER rating of A1, you will pay a lot more for this house. Equally, if a home has a lower BER rating of E1, you will pay less for this house. With a few simple measures, you can easily increase the value of the BER cert in a short space of time and with a small budget. Here’s how:

In 3 simple steps, we increased our BER Cert rating from an E to a C1

Each house is unique so a BER energy measure in house might be a lot cheaper in another house. If new windows have recently been installed in the house, then you’re probably not going to replace the windows anytime soon.

If the house is old, it may have cavity walls so insulation the walls will save you lots of €€€.

The BER assessment may have taken place before new windows or a new boiler installed. This means that the BER rating is actually more than the BER Cert says.

The seller may have overlooked these simple measures, which means you have struck gold as you have bought a cheaper house and can get the BER Cert rating up in a relatively short space of time. There are also grants available for some measures to increase the BER rating of a house.

Buy a BER Cert here with prices starting at €165. Request a quote from a BER Assessor here.

How much is the cheapest BER cert in Dublin?

We offer cheaper BER rating discounts when you buy 2 or more BER certs.
  • Save a €10 (6%) discount when you get 2 or more BER certs.
  • We can offer certs as low as €140 for 2 or more BER Certs Dublin.
  • Normal BER assessor costs from €150.
  • BER Cert discount for 2 or more BER Certs €140.
  • Contact us for your BER Cert Rating today

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