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Weed out tyre-kickers.

Increase your conversions with higher acceptance & reliability rates.

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If a user has accepted your quote, we recommend organizing specifics about a job or task.

  • Liase with users on the Quotege platform to iron out precise details such as arranging dates, times, exact job details.
  • Wait closer to the date of callout / completion prior to making payment. Perhaps 24-48 hours before callout. Why? This way, you’re not paying for a lead 6 months in advance.
  • Encourage users to arrange dates, times, etc before accepting or paying for a quotes.

Weed out tyre-kickers.

One metric we use to rank our pros is their acceptance rate. A higher acceptance rate, generally means a pro is more trustworthy.

Equally, we don’t want our pros wasting their time submitting quotes to users who have no interest in proceeding with a job or a task. That’s why we have implemented a user reliability rate. A reliability rate of 0/1000, means that a user has submitted 1000 enquiries, but not proceeded with any jobs. Similarly, A user with a rate of 10/10 means they have requested 10 quotes and accepted 10 quotes.

As a pro, we know your time is valuable. So if you can only submit a limited number of quotes at any time, you can check how reliable a lead is, via their reliability rate.

Why is this important?

It is important to us that our community, users and pros get the best service and the best value from our platform. As, we do not issue refunds it is up to pros to maximise the chances that a lead converts. This can be done by arranging times, dates, etc.

Last note to increase your sales

Visit your dashboard to complete your profile. Here you can:

  • Set a keyword and location. Otherwise, you won’t receive any leads.
  • Set keywords, users would type in a message, e.g. Paint, painting, painter, painters, etc or
  • You can set multiple locations and keywords. You’ll need at least one keyword and one location to get started.
  • In your profile section, tell us about yourself, without any contact info, e.g. years xp, qualifications, services you offer, warranties, guarantees, registered bodies, etc.

*Important. Do not post, request or upload contact info such as logos, website, emails, phone, office addresses or locations, business names, etc..*

How it works – case study

  • User requests a price for 2 BER Certs for 2 x 2 bed houses.
  • Pro submits a total price, all-in quote, e.g. $50 * 2 , so total $100. Alternatively the pro may request more info, e.g. house sizes, reason for sale, heating type, etc…
  • User is notified of a quote for $105 ($100 + our fee $5).
  • User accepts the quote.
  • Pro pays Quotege $5.
  • Pro then recoups the full amount $100 + $5 from the user.
  • Both pro and user write up a 5 star Quotege review because they are so happy with our service and value for money.
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