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House Alarms Ireland Cost & Prices

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How much does it cost to upgrade your of your alarm system inc labour, supply and fit. House alarm costs for a standard semi-detached, 100sqm, 3 bed house

Unmonitored House Alarm Systems Ireland Cost & Prices

How much does a wireless, unmonitored, house alarm in Ireland cost?

An 8 sensor alarm system cost approx €960 + VAT @ 13.5%. Average cost per sensor = €120+VAT.
  • 1 x control panel
  • 1 x external siren
  • 1 x Internal siren
  • Hall 1 PIR beam
  • 11 window & door sensors
€1220 + VAT @ 13.5%=€1384.70

What are the benefits of an unmonitored alarm Vs a monitored alarm?

  • With a non-monitored alarm there are no monthly costs. You pay an initial once off fee and nothing more.
  • Simply turn the alarm on and or off when necessary.
  • Let’s face it, if you’re away, and your house is being robbed, how much of a benefit is a monitored alarm?
  • With a monitored alarm, you get extra security
  • You can check in on your home at any time you require.

Depending on the type of person you are, or the level or home alarm security you require, there are benefits of both alarm types. Whichever you choose, if your home has no alarm, you are an easy target. Especially, if all the other homes in your estate have alarms (monitored or not!)

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