Kitchen-Respray €850 Tradesmen €5 Leads

Kitchen Respray Price

How much does it cost to respray a kitchen and is it cheaper than renovating my kitchen?

We got a quote for a kitchen respray below, 1 wall, 12 doors on the bottom, 5 doors on top (see main pic for this article). We outline the price. Should you pay more for a completely new kitchen renovation?

For a kitchen to undergo a full respray it’s going to be in the ball park of about €850 depending on condition and any pieces that need to be replaced as in hinges, etc.. This is using a very durable 2k paint on top of a high build primer it’s very low maintenance and will last the lifetime of your kitchen.

The cost for a complete renovation, to rip out the old cupboards, new fresh installations, our choice of colour, etc, the price is around the €3K mark. So, kitchen respray vs kitchen renovation? It depends on your budget and if you really want that dream kitchen, or if you are happy to continue on with what you have, but with a respray!

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