Mount TV Over Fire

TV Over Fire Place. Can you hang a TV wall bracket above a fire? A recent case study shows that you can, but there are some buts…

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Hang a TV over an insert stove with ceramic wood effect beam,

A gap of 1.5 foot between fire and beam with another 1 foot between ceramic beam and TV. In place about 2-3 years, no issues with TV just yet.

Try to get the TV over fire place as high on the wall as you can. Don’t use a wooden beam – No explanation required. Remember depending on the weather, the stove won’t be lit the entire time.

If another location for your TV is available, then use this method rather than over a fire… However, on my research (I spent a lot of time researching it, lots of calls to stove installers, TV wall hanging services, etc.) half recommended & half said I couldn’t.

If it is an open fire, with dust, rocks, etc, if there is a gap of 2.5 or 3 feet that may be OK. With an open fire, I would highly recommend using a fire guard with small holes to stop anything getting through. If you are unsure, which I was, send a picture or measurements etc to our TV Wall bracket mounting experts to find out.

Disclaimer. I am not a professional TV mounting expert, so please do your own research and ask around. I have simply gone through the process I went through to hang a TV on the wall above an insert stove and it has worked out for me.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching a TV above a fire lighting on a cold dark winter’s evening 🙂

Leave as big a gap as possible between TV & stove

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I also found that neither a stove installer, nor stove manufacturer would give a guarantee or warranty. Meaning if you proceed with mounting your TV above a fire, you’re on your own.

Furthermore, a lot of new TV’s have the fan at the bottom of the TV, rather than the top. A fan at the top is further away from the fire. So if you have not bought your new TV yet, you may take this into consideration.

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