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BER Cert Rating Cost & Price Range April 2023

BER Rating Cert Cost & Price Range. Price list taken from our enquiries contact page with SEAI BER Assessors’ replies today

BER Cert price list taken from our BER Cert enquiries contact page with SEAI BER Assessors’ replies today

All BER Cert costs Inc vat, no hidden fees or charges

We’ll beat any BER Cert cost by 10%

  • Assuming it is oil, gas or electric and no heat pump.
  • Included Free SEAI cert publication fee €30.00
  • Provided no renewables.
  • Upon completion, receive a recommendations report to increase BER rating cert.

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BER Rating Price List Table

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BER Rating TypeBER Unit TypeBER Rating LocationAdditional InfoBER Rating Cost €
BER Cert for sale of property2 bed townhouseBrú Na hAbhainn, County Meathbuilt 2006. Gas heating, no extensions and small apex roof. Approx 79sqm€260
Residential BER Cert requires ber for grant3 bed with garage Millmount Abbey, Drogheda, County Louth, new solar panels€300
Residential BER Cert3 bed terracedFough East, County Galway€300
Residential BER Cert BER to go green rate mortgage3 bedroom TownhouseAnnfield, Dublin, D15104 sq m. In Atic space been put a second layer of insulation. Gas heating.€257
Residential BER Cert in process of purchasing3 bed houseNenagh, County Tipperaryvendors said they never got BER reassessed in the years they own the house€300
Residential BER Cert required for sale of houseBreffni Close, Waterford€220
Residential BER Cert4 bedroom aptClara, County Offalyapartment over an old bank€250
Residential BER Cert BER needed for sale of house quickly.BER Cert 4/5 bedroom 2150sq ft detatched houseBehy, County DonegalHas a floored attic space, separate detatched garage.€300
Residential BER CertBER Cert 3 bedroom houseKilfenora Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 with inside insulation on front and back walls, new boiler and heating system with 100mm roof insulation on extension.€250
Domestic BERBER Cert 2 Bed apartmentTownparks, Wexfordon one level280
Resi BER CertBER Cert 4 bed semi detached 2 storyClara, County Offaly Solar panels Timber frame250
BER Rating price list correct as of April 2023

Cheapest BER Rating Price €250

Highest BER Price €300 5 Bed Resi BER Rating

Average BER Rating Price €260 for a 2 bed townhouse

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How Much Does A BER Cert Cost?

In reality, there is no difference in any BER assessment. No one BER cert is better than another. If you can get a BER Cert for less than €120, bite their hand off. Each BER assessor has a lot of fees and charges to cover before they make a profit. So in reality a good, or average cost for a BER rating is on average €160 with a price range of about €150-€300. If you are quoted €500+ for a BER rating from a registered SEAI BER assessor, I would request a few more quotes.

We’ve compiled a full list of our enquiries for BER rating prices here.

Are BER Certs free?

If you are selling your property, your estate agent might be kind enough to cough up for a free BER Cert. Your plumber, boiler installer, solar panel installer, etc, may throw in a free BER Cert included in the price of the job. You need the BER rating after the work is done to show how the work has improved the rating. Might be worth enquiring before the job starts if it includes the BER Cert rating in the end

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