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If you’re unsure whether your building is SEAI BER-exempt or not, then the answers is more than likely a no.

The only exception is that you don’t require a commercial BER cert if your building is stand-alone & less than 50sqm. Otherwise, I’m almost certain, you’ll need a residential BER Cert to sell, let, re-mortgage, green mortgage, grant application, etc… However, that does not mean you can’t get a free BER Cert, which is practically the same thing… cha-ching!!

What does SEAI BER-exempt actually mean?

An SEAI BER rating exemption means a BER Cert is not required. Which means the cost to you would be zero. BER exempt is the same as getting a free BER Cert. More than likely, you’ll need a BER Cert. Almost no scenario will offer you a BER Exemption.

A BER cert exemption is not the (exact) same as a free BER Rating, however…

We can offer you the next ber-st thing 🙂 How does a free BER rating sound?

Quick and easy ways to get a free BER Assessment

Unsure if you are BER exempt?

Just ask us, and we’ll tell you!

Private residential dwellings & commercial units are not BER-exempt. Save for a commercial unit with 50qm of usable space in a stand alone building

As a general rule for BER exemptions; Chances are your property will require a domestic or a commercial BER rating.

You don’t legally require a BER Cert for your house or commercial unit. However, you wont be able to sell or rent your property without a BER cert. Without a BER assessment, the property rental or sale, may be delayed.

How long does it take to get a BER cert?

A BER assessor can issue a BER cert a few days the assessment. If you are in a rush, the assessor may be able to issue a soft BER rating cert copy by email earlier.

Is a rental property BER exempt?

BER exemptions will probably not apply to a rental property but you may be able to claim the BER cert cost back.

If you are a landlord, or own a private rented house that you are letting then you can probably claim the cost of the BER cert. You can offset the cost of the BER Cert rating against the property rental income in the same way you would claim the cost of a local painting company, registered electrician, registered boiler service or other works required on the rental property.

Can a BER exempt house be rented out?

I would go so far as to say

  1. Your property will not be exempt
  2. You will need a BER Rating to rent out a house
  3. If you are about to buy a house, make sure you get the BER Cert before proceeding

What is a BER Cert & What does it look like?

A BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert indicates the BER rating of a house, apartment, commercial or other property. The higher the number the better, ranging from the lowest rating, G up to the best rating A. A higher BER rating means that it will cost less to heat your home during the winter, and less to cool your home in the summer.

A BER cert is required when applying for SEAI grants. Without a BER Cert, SEAI won’t be able to tell that the measures you have taken, such as a installing new boiler with heating controls. After the work is done, a new BER Cert will show the increase in rating for the SEAI grant

Upon completion of a BER Assessment, an assessor should also send on an SEAI advisory report offering recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of the property

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Watch this video and see how you can snag a Cheap (or even free) BER Cert Rating Dublin & Ireland

We’ve compiled a full list of our enquiries for BER rating prices here.

Are BER Certs free?

If you are selling your property, your estate agent might be kind enough to cough up for a free BER Cert. Your plumber, boiler installer, solar panel installer, etc, may throw in a free BER Cert included in the price of the job. You need the BER rating after the work is done to show how the work has improved the rating. Might be worth enquiring before the job starts if it includes the BER Cert rating in the end

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